Aerial Artists Dubai

Our Aerial Artists Dubai can perform on multiple equipment to create a WOW factor show at your event in the UAE or anywhere in the world.

Aerial Hoop – Mesmerising an Aerial Lyra (Ring, Hoop) dance performance. Glamorous costumes, graceful movies all on revolving Aerial Lyra solo.

Aerial – Silks – Power and Grace – are on this equipment. Aerial Silk (Tissue) – long fabric comes down from the ceiling to the floor and danced away with soul and passion of the artist.

Aerial Silk Duo – Takes your breath away. Also Aerial Silk Duo – 2 female acrobats performed grace, power and beauty in one show.

Aerial Hammock – Aerial artistic creation performed from inside to outside of piece of Fabric and gives a memorable and uniquely graceful performance on the air.

Aerial Straps – Custom made Aerial straps, performance gives away a dancing flying sense on the air on revolving long straps. Can be performed as from the Floor as on the Air.

Aerial Rope – One of a kind performance on the air on two parallel ropes, Very powerful and same time graceful performance on one breath.

Aerial Trapeze – Would say circus?! Not only, it is Glamor looking equipment for glamour kind of occasion or classy corporate events. Absolutely fancy and entertaining performance.

Aerial Globe – Beautiful performance inside the Globe shaped equipment. 2 female artists gives out powerful yet graceful aerial performance inside an aerial revolving Sphere.

Aerial Harness – Harness performances are very unusual and unique. At first it gives sense of flying on the air without any flying support. Perfect equipment for a mesmerizing artistic performances on the air as for a Solo so as Duo’. Perfect equipment for Aerial Interacting performances on the wall with commercial video animation on HD, 2D 3D and much more…Also used for Movie making (flying artists for especial effects) so as for Commercial purposes: photo shoot for flying effects and etc…..Taking musical instrument players on the air for Entertaining purposes

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