At Corporate Entertainment, we have a list of exceptional pianists for every small or big occasion.  Set the tone to a melodious, classy ambience from the get-go for gala dinners, weddings, corporate events, award ceremonies, charity gatherings, private parties and other special events.  Our pianists cover several musical styles ranging from upbeat genres, to slow, soothing tempos.  These include ballads, jazz, contemporary scores, classical piano, swing music, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Latin styles. 

They have had the honour of playing in front of famous sports personalities and many superstars in showbiz including Jackie Chan, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis, Jenny McCarthy and Andre Agassi.  Whether hired as a soloist or to partake in an orchestra or group of musicians, our pianists are versatile, professional, reliable and incredibly talented. Being multi-nationals, they specialise in Bollywood styles, Samba music and more, making them a great choice for themed parties. 

Regardless of the nature of your party, our international pianists will not fail to wow guests as they tickle the ivory and provide the perfect music setting at your next special event!

Check out our AMAZING MUSICIANS below!