Well known for their exceptional elegance, passion and romance, Italian entertainment genres can be applied in a whole range of events.  The Italian music has found its way in both modern-day formal and informal settings, whether you want background music or center-stage performances for your event, you can rely on Italian musicians and singers.

Here at Corporate Entertainment Agency, we have traditional Italian solo singers, musicians and stringed instrument players who can perform a wide range of classical Neapolitan songs and even the modern Italian hits.  Our music performers are highly sought-after for weddings, anniversaries, proposals, gala dinners and other special occasions.

With our performers, your event will be crowned up by beautiful melodies originating from subtle background music and captivating stage performances, your guests will be serenaded at their tables making them enjoy every bit of the event.  We also have pizza freestylers and theatrical soprano singers who offer modern, high-energy and exciting entertainment. Your guests will be amazed by the acrobatic capability of the freestylers and the comic and outstanding vocals of the soprano singers.  In addition, we have Italian-themed living statues and walk-about characters who can add a spectacular visual aesthetic in your event. Whether installed or mingling with your guests, these statues and characters will create a real spectacle and become an interesting talking point in your event.

Want to add style, elegance and a taste of Italian culture to your event?  Well, choose one of our Italian entertainment options that meets your specific needs.