Exciting, dangerous and unique entertainment for hire at the Corporate Entertainment Agency, our Escapologists will leave your guests completely amazed by their daredevil, freaky and astonishing escape act, these artists rely on their flexibility and lock picking skills to create the perfect circus act.

These incredible stunt artists are the perfect entertainment act for any corporate event, festivals, shopping mall entertainment and sporting dinners, these artists perform the incredible art of escape from restraints and confined spaces from cages, coffins, padlocked boxes, straightjackets and even water filled tanks and so much more, you will not believe the speed they can free themselves from their prison.

The act is a mix of comedy, stunts and circus shows so can fit a variety of themed events. If you would like to know more about our escapologists and how they can add a special something to your next event please get in touch with our Corporate Entertainment Agency account managers today.

Check out our CIRCUS ACTS below!