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HIRE LONDON STREET DANCERS Since the eighties, break dancing has been a central aspect of mainstream culture, with new styles coming up every now and then.  B-boys and b-girls usually light up any hip-hop, pop or funk party, depending on the rhythm and beat of a song, professional break dancers can integrate genres that digress […]

HIRE LONDON POLE DANCERS Most people know pole dancing from what they see in movies in regards to strip clubs and strip parties.  In reality pole dancing is a healthy activity that can be used for entertainment, whether you are hosting a private party, a fashion show, a ceremony to launch a product or even just […]

HIRE CABARET DANCE SHOWS LONDON Mesmerise your guests using any one of our unique cabaret dance shows London, your guests will surely be impressed by an all dancing, all singing show and this is what we offer.  Our plausible cabaret dance extravaganzas are available in various themes designed to go well with any event.  The shows […]

HIRE VEGAS SHOWGIRLS LONDON London based Vegas Showgirls will always give you the best performances that will perfectly entertain your guest from the start to the end.  More so, the showgirls can easily incorporate all kinds of music with amazing choreography, unique costumes that will surely leave your guest impressed. Vegas Showgirls London will always ensure […]

HIRE CABARET DANCERS AND ENTERTAINERS Relive the excitement of the roaring 20’s when flapper fashion was all the rage and Cloche hats were a sign of being chic, when you hire an after-dinner cabaret to perform at your next special event.  Cabaret entertainment showcases song and dance to create an ambiance that immerses the crowd into […]

HIRE LATIN BRAZILIAN DANCERS Through a performance that is filled with passion and drama, our dancers can provide captivating entertainment at any event.  Everyone in the room is sure to marvel at the high-energy Brazilian dance show that our dancers can put on, while our Latin dance team create a sultry and sensuous atmosphere.  Latin dancers […]

HIRE FLAMENCO DANCERS Flamenco dancing is a classic reflection of Spanish culture in its fiery splendor and endless passion.  It’s more than just a dance routine; it is an artform which has spread across the world.  Now, it can be a part of your event!  With flamenco, you can transport your guests to a realm of […]

HIRE SHADOW DANCERS Where in the world your guests are from it does not matter; this kind of art tells a story in universal language simply by manipulating shadows and body movements.  Shadow dance shows are typically very silent, yet convey meaningful messages.  This means that all people who can watch will be moved by […]

HIRE FLASH MOB DANCERS We are a highly-celebrated, global experiential flash mob and events business that assists hundreds of people commemorate, businesses entertain, and marketers make engaging, social content for their targeted spectators.  We provide only professional flash mob dancers for corporate, private and promotional events throughout the globe.  We are capable of designing, producing […]

HIRE 1920s Dancers Nothing will scream of glamour and fun more than our magnificent group of 1920s themed professional dancers.  No matter the venue or the occasion, your event is guaranteed to be a complete success with our dancers swinging away in a most memorable display.  It is common knowledge that the 1920s were the […]